Organizational Advantages and Types of Cloud Services

Cloud computing This “cloud computing” democratizes access to an extraordinary source of resources for SMEs, since now an important variety of tools and applications are available from the Internet, which they can use as if it were any service. ORGANIZATIONAL ADVANTAGES OF USING CLOUD COMPUTING “The cloud provides service to companies of all sizes… the […]

VPN Dictionary: What Do All These Terms Mean?

Entering the world of VPN providers can be a daunting experience for many people. To help you, we have compiled a list of words with the most recurring terminology in this “VPN dictionary”, we have given answers to the most common questions, and we have tried to explain the operation and importance of the current […]

The Public Cloud & its Advantages

Permanent accessibility, scalable storage and countless services: all this offers cloud computing. When deciding on a cloud service, the consumer is faced with a very diverse range of offers and offerings. For the private user and the medium-sized business, a public cloud service is perhaps the most reasonable choice. Easy to use and with ample […]

Prioritize Mobile Information Management and Mobile Security

The evolution of mobile computing is underway, with changes on several fronts. Mobile technology is becoming more sophisticated, but malware continues to spread. The perimeter of the network is disappearing, but companies still need to apply mobile policies and protect devices. CIOs have a greater need to protect business systems against mobile threats while also […]