There are not enough long-term studies that reach a clear conclusion about whether cell phone radiation is safe, but there is enough data to convince WHO of a possible connection.

Mobile phones use non-ionizing radiation, which is not able to pull electrons from the matter that illuminates, and that does not damage DNA in the same way as ionizing radiation. Cell phone radiation operates more like low-energy microwaves, but nobody really wants to think about supporting their face in a low-power microwave.

If the label that the WHO gave to the use of the mobile phone as a possible carcinogen for humans alarmed you, here are some basic tips to limit your exposure to them.

Use the wires

It is no coincidence that most mobile phones come with a wired headset.

A wired headset automatically reduces radiation exposure since the phone is far from the body. Every inch you can get away from the body reduces the amount of radiation you absorb.

Although wired headphones also transmit radiation their level is lower. If that is the concern, you can buy a ferrite core for only a few pesos in most electronics stores. It is added to the cable and absorbs any radiation that travels through it, reducing the amount that enters your body.

In addition, wearing a headset will help your neck not suffer after a long phone conversation.

Use the speaker

This can be a bit annoying if you find yourself in a public area. But experts say using the speakerphone feature is useful since you keep the phone away from your brain.

Every inch you can move your phone away from your body reduces radiation. For example, holding the mobile phone to five centimeters causes the radiation intensity to decrease by four units, according to Magda Havas, an associate professor at the Institute for Health Studies at the University of Trent in Ontario, Canada.

But be careful not to share your conversation with everyone.

Do not use the “Bluetooth” all the time

Bluetooth wireless headphones will expose you to some radiation. However, it will be much smaller than that of a mobile phone.

The problem is that most people use Bluetooth all the time. And it is not a good look for anyone.

If you use this device, change it from one ear to another so you don’t expose it too much time from one side. Take it out of your ear when you’re not on the phone.

Read the manuals

Most of us ignore the manuals that come with our gadgets. But they tell consumers not to keep the phone close to their head, or even in clothing bags.

Apple’s iPhone 4 asks to hold it at a distance of 5/8 of an inch from your body when it is transmitting; and the BlackBerry Bold suggests keeping it at least 0.98 inches from your body when the device is in use.

If you keep it close to the body, manufacturers cannot guarantee that the amount of radiation you are absorbing is at a safe level.

Don’t talk, send messages

If you don’t want to hold the phone near your face all the time, send text messages, use email or instant message services if you have a smartphone. This way you will totally avoid keeping the phone next to your head.

And CNN Technology say that as a rule, the smarter the phone, the greater the radiation.

The radiation produced by mobile phones affects us all. To help you fight against it, today we show you thirteen tips to reduce your mobile radiation. Using the speaker, using it when you have coverage or avoiding certain places, are some of the most important keys.

Surely more than once you’ve heard, read or talked about the radiation produced by mobile phones. However, at the end of the day we use the smartphone for absolutely everything and we forget that certain practices are harmful to health. To help you ‘take off’ from your mobile and gain quality of life, today we show you thirteen tips to reduce the radiation of your mobile. They are small and very simple keys that will help you reduce the annoying radiation of the smartphone. Take paper and pencil and don’t lose detail.

  1. Use the speaker

When you talk on the phone, try using the speaker and at a minimum distance of a span of the face. This practice is much healthier than holding the smartphone near the head for a good while. If the speaker is not your thing, you can always use the headphones or Bluetooth. In addition, it is convenient to turn off the terminal when it is not being used and move it away from the smallest of the house and pregnant women.

  1. ‘Take off’ from him

It is recommended that you do not carry it all day. If you need to always have it with you, try to keep the antenna as far away as possible.

  1. Use it when you have maximum coverage

This will help decrease the radiation of the terminal since there is a greater reception. When the coverage is lower and the quality is poor, the phone emits a large amount of radiation.

  1. Avoid certain places

The elevator, car, train or plane are some of the least recommended places to use mobile phones. The terminals consume more energy and emit more radiation since they are closed metal spaces.

  1. Use the messages

One of the most recommended measures to reduce the radiation of your smartphone is to communicate through messaging applications, text messages, etc. instead of calling Remember, the further you are from your body, the better.

  1. Return to the fixed

Are you one of those who still have a landline at home? Use it. Whenever you are in your home, it is recommended that you use it. The radiation is infinitely smaller. If you have fixed but it is wireless, it produces radiation just like mobile phones.

  1. No to radiation shields

If you are tempted to install one of the many radiation shields on the market in your home, keep in mind that you will lose coverage, and with that, your mobile phone will produce even more radiation.

  1. Where do you have the WiFi router installed?

It is important that it is located in a less frequented room or turned off at night. You have to make your bedroom as free of electronic radiation as possible. As with the router, keep that in mind for the computer, cordless phone, smartphone, TV …

  1. Ethernet cable

Whenever possible, use the network cable and not the WiFi to connect to the Internet.

  1. Goodbye to connectivity software

If you intend to get rid of the radiation around you, you will have to deactivate the Bluetooth, Airplane Mode or similar connections. Otherwise, the team will continuously send its position.

  1. Peripherals yes, but with cable

It is recommended that all or most peripheral devices be connected through a cable. The printer, keyboard or mouse, better connected.

  1. Eye to your child’s intercom

If you have a baby or a small child at home, this interests you. Wireless intercoms or baby monitors emit radiation similar to that of a mobile phone. If it is necessary to use them, use one with cable.

  1. Beware of radiofrequency meters

The installation of meters that control energy consumption in a house is increasingly common. These devices are under suspicion as a significant source of electromagnetic radiation.

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