Prioritize Mobile Information Management and Mobile Security

The evolution of mobile computing is underway, with changes on several fronts. Mobile technology is becoming more sophisticated, but malware continues to spread. The perimeter of the network is disappearing, but companies still need to apply mobile policies and protect devices. CIOs have a greater need to protect business systems against mobile threats while also […]

7 Steps to Improve The Security of Your Organization

Organizations often have a limited amount of resources, which often leads them to directly avoid security practices, because sometimes they are considered expensive and difficult to implement. Obviously, this is a mistake and exposes them to possibly irreparable losses. Below you can find a list of the 7 main tasks that every organization must perform […]

Cloud Security Architectures for the Industry

Few people doubt the benefits that cloud-based applications can bring to the industry in the coming years. Intelligent and distributed production systems will be a key piece of innovation in this sector. The flexibility, ubiquity of access and the large computing capacity of cloud-based systems will enable integrated management, not only of factories with each […]